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This Website is devoted to bringing truthful information to light about vaping to the general public. The website covers multiple topics including Benefits for adults who smoke, Effects from vaping, Latest news, and what is it.

What is vaping and what creates the e juice that people use

Vaping is ment for persons of 18 years of age. Vaping is the acts of a person inhaling a mixture of chemical making an e juice otherwise known as vape juice. Vape juice is made in labs across the globe by chemists daily who perfect their formulas creating their product. Juices are usually made with nicotine, flavouring, and a solvent being mixed together. Most of the time the ingrediants consist of propylene glycol vegetable glycerine or a mixture of both of them. Juices also consist on a variety of PG and VG balance which changes the juice drastically.

What is PG

PG stands for propylene glycol which is a petroleum byproduct. This is a scentless fluid that is less viscous than it's counterpart VG . Propylene glycol is more of a throat hit which stimulates the sense of taking a drag of a cigarette which appeals to the people in which vaping helps people quit cigarettes. PG is verified as safe for humans to inhale and it is regarded as a food additive for dogs so it's safe for them to. For some reason it's linked to heinz body anemia in cats which it could be potentially harmful.

Pg doesn't stay in your system for long, it eventually breaks down in your system after or around 48 hours.

What is VG

Vg also know as Vegetabke glycerine thick, sweet liquid. It's used to primarily add a sweetness to your vape juice. The higher the VG content of the juice the smoother the throat hit is. Just liker PG, VG is also safe to your health as disclosed by U.S Food and drug administration. The more the VG content on of the juice the more of a mouth feel you get instead of having a throat hit with it's counter part PG

vapes come in all different types and sizes

What is a pod system

A pod system is a miniature vape that consists of a two part system. It is made up of the pod that is filled with the vape juice and it snaps into a small battery. This vape is generally used for people who are quitting smokes and don't want the hassel of learning how to work the various stykes of vapes listed above. The pod systems are extremely simple because there's only two part and instead of having to learn how to use big 180 watt batteries it uses a standard android usb charging cable to charge. The pod system is recommended for use of higher nic contents called nic salts which come in a variety of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 48, and 50 mg of nicotine. The reason these nic salts are recomended is because the pod systems don't give out as huge as a cloud as the other vapes, so to help satisfy the ex smoker and fufill their nicotine craving it gives them a higher percent of nicotine.

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